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Fracking in Florida


From the NEW TIMES

Florida Lawmakers Move to Let Fracking Companies Keep Secrets About Toxic Chemicals They’ll Pump Into Ground

By Fire Ant Thu., Jan. 16 2014 at 1:08 PM

“Bills that throw a cloak of secrecy over fracking operations in Florida passed out of the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee on Tuesday. The measures exempt from public disclosure the chemicals, which are rich in toxins, used in the process.”

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Update from our neighbors in Naples who are fighting to keep the frackers out of their neighborhood. In Florida they need all the help they can get! How about signing the petition, sharing it with other people and helping them out.


First, I want to say THANK YOU for signing the petition. Can you believe we have over 3,500 signatures! Thanks to you, we’re making great progress.

PLEASE share this petition with all you know. You can easily do this via email, facebook, twitter and obviously everyone you talk to.

Check out these great documentaries: “Gaslands” can be seen on Netflix, Hulu and Youtube, as well as “Gaslands Part II” on currently being played on HBO.

If you’re up to it, please write letters of concern to the following people who may have influence of the outcome of this as well as our elected officials.


Addresses to Contact

South Florida Water Management District PO BOX 24680 West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4680 Attn: Thomas Colios

State of Florida Department of Enviromental Protection 2295 Victoria Avenue, Suite 364 Fort Myers, Florida 33902-2549

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Mining and Minerals Regulation, Oil and Gas Section 2051 East Paul Dirac Drive, MS 715 Tallahassee, FL 32310

Ed Garret, Chief of Minerals, Mining, Oil & Gas (850) 488-8217 ext.12

Steve Spencer (850) 488-8217, ext. 65 at the Fort Myers Office

Paul Attwood, Local Professional Geologist (239)344-5721

Pierre Bruno (239) 344-5611

I appreciate your support. If there is any insight you would like to share, I would like to hear it.

Thank you for caring, sharing and doing what you can! 

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” 
-Dr. Seuss
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Leave it in the Ground

Since we are hearing so much these days about increased interest in oil and gas drilling in Southwest Florida, I made it a point to watch Gasland, Part Two last night.   Josh Fox is the filmmaker and in the original fil598371_10151506706433365_1248170884_n[1]m Gasland, he tells the story of his journey – literally and figuratively – to understand the process of hydraulic fracturing “fracking” (a process to extract gas or oil from deep underground that uses millions of gallons of water treated with toxic chemicals under very high pressure) that a gas company proposed to do on his family’s land in Pennsylvania.  Mr. Fox documented his findings through a variety of interviews with folks in communities across the United States where this unconventional drilling had already occurred.  What he learns and shares with us is an incredible story of broken promises; ruined landscapes, lives and communities, and a largely indifferent – and in some cases complicit regulatory system.

What I found particularly illuminating in Gasland, Part Two, are the studies documenting what can only be seen as a pattern of gas well failures leaking highly toxic chemicals and methane into individuals’ water wells and surface water resources, sickness and health problems in exposed communities, followed by denials of responsibility by the industry, and a campaign of disinformation directed at the public and our representatives.  The firm showed documents and presentations from an industry meeting outlining the best way to use counter-insurgency tactics against anyone who opposes them.

So far, we’re being told that there are no plans to engage in fracking in South Florida.  That may be good news for the moment, but it doesn’t really mean anything.  If the gas and/or oil is there and fracking is the most efficient way to get it out of the ground, that is what will happen.  Even without fracking, make no mistake about it – oil and gas drilling is an inherently risky endeavor.  The more wells there are, the deeper they are drilled, and the longer the horizontal span underground, the more the risks increase.   Additional wells in which to inject all the waste from the drilling process will be needed, along with miles of additional pipelines.  Matthew Schwartz, Executive Director of the South Florida Wildlands Association, strongly recommended in comments to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Oil and Gas Program, that no permit for oil operations on proposed well sites in Collier County that are located inside the primary zone of the endangered Florida panther and adjacent to the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge.

It’s time the industry admit the facts – gas and oil are polluting, non-renewable fossil fuels.  They are obtained through highly invasive and inherently dangerous drilling processes that contaminate the environment, while emitting greenhouse gasses into the air.  While natural gas is touted as “cleaner” than coal, its main component is methane, a potent greenhouse gas even better at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.  Leave it in the ground.  It’s time to move on to clean, renewable energy sources.

Oil companies come back to Southwest Florida,

Duke study finds higher gas levels in drinking water wells near Marcellus fracking sites,

Fracking the future: How unconventional gas threatens our water, health and climate,

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Gasland II

Just watched a panel discussion on Bill Maher’s HBO weekly show. The panel included Josh Fox who made the documentary Gasland and its subsequent follow up, Gasland II.

Film is a great way to educate yourself. This 4th of July why not watch an eco film, and catch up on what’s going on!

Here is an excerpt from a Q & A Josh Fox did in the Chicago Tribune

Q: Did you intend to insert yourself into a national debate about fracking?

A: When we first started, we were making a five-minute YouTube video for our neighbors in Delaware. When I showed my friends, they told me “You have to make this a big part of your life.”

The reality here is that you’ve got millions of Americans in the cross hairs of multinational corporations seeking to industrialize and change the character of their lives and pretty much do it in a way that is totally beyond their control.

That’s why the film was so popular. We’re dealing with drilling in 32 states. We’re talking about half of New York state, three-quarters of Pennsylvania, all of West Virginia, half of Ohio, huge sections of Colorado (and) Wyoming, a huge shale play in California and now what we’re seeing in Illinois.



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Fracking …. Update

***Sunday, June 30th at 7PM at Naples Pier***

On June 30th, a candlelight vigil will be held at Naples Pier on the eve of the end of the period allotted for Public comment. The community will gather in anticipation of the FDEP’s decision, which may come as early as July 1. Several cities around FL are expected to hold solidarity actions in support of the efforts of Preserve Our Paradise – including Gainesville and Orlando chapters of Overpass Light Brigade.


Reading stories online I am shocked at a so-called “conservationist” making a comment like this

“…. fossil fuel expert Andrew McElwaine, President and CEO of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, said drilling technology has soared in the past decade and he doesn’t rule out fracking in the future.”


List of several FB pages supplied by a friend of the So Fl Green News



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HEADLINES WE ARE FOLLOWING is a regular feature. In this series of posts we source headlines of local interest from various outlets, mostly local papers and bring them to your attention. The link to the article is supplied, but if you do not have time to read it, we have supplied you with our cliff notes!


Naples, Fl June 11, 2013

Local resident, “Lauri Hauer walked up to the microphone: “It could get ugly, folks. ARE YOU PREPARED TO FIGHT?” she shouted. The crowd roared in response.

Naples residents in the Golden Gate section of Collier County are organizing and preparing for a fight with Big Oil to protect their little patch of paradise from fracking, something Rick Scott has opened up to a Texas company to explore…

Fracking is an idiotic, and dangerous process, it is also outlawed in many countries, such as Switzerland, France Ireland and New Zealnd to name a few. In most other countries it is on a moratorium, with no plans to a change of status. In the US, the entire state of Vermont has banned fracking and throughout the rest of the country many towns have successfully had fracking banned.

The company Dan A. Hughes Petroleum Geological Company of Beeville, Texas, now owns the drilling rights to an area of Florida known to Big Oil as the Sunniland Trend.  They hired a company called Total Safety U.S. in April to send out a letter to all residents with in a square mile of the drill site asking residents for contact information in case of an emergency such as, AN EXPLOSION, but even if there is not an explosion, you still have problems

The proposed site abuts panther preserve and extends all the way to Miami. With an anti-environment Governor like Rick Scott minding the store, these Floridian’s need our support. Please sign the petition and “Like” their Facebook page, to stay updated.



More on this story here


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Community in a Fracked Zone

Residents in the proposed fracking zone in Naples, FL held an emergency meeting at the local library, which was streamed live on-line.  Here are some of the comments made by local residents from that meeting:
“…This is an Act of Terror. Our lives and our water are at stake!”
“…Paradise has become a nightmare”
“…If this can happen here it can happen anywhere”
“…Drill site is on Panther habitat”


“I just bought a house,” he said. “My property value is on the ground. How much worse is it going to get? My nest egg is gone. Would you like to live next to bomb? I wouldn’t. And if I knew that this was going to be built I wouldn’t have moved here. Probably would have bought somewhere else.”

Just a little window into what our neighbors in Naples are facing.  Makes you think twice about home ownership, among other things


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