A productive way to celebrate Earth Day, save Ft Ld’s majestic Rain Tree from the ax.

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May 14 at 6:30 pm at City Hall

In Fort Lauderdale there are plans to make more of a mess of the New River by building a huge complex of townhouses, three restaurants, and a marina on the River (eyesore), and if that is not bad enough, and more importantly is, they need to remove an amazing old tree to do this.

According to the Sun Sentinel: “In 1982, the Florida Division of Forestry declared the tree a “Florida Champion,” meaning it was the largest of its species in the state. Since in the U.S. rain trees only grow in Florida, it may well be the biggest such tree in the country.”

The developer is Asi Cymbal, and he has hired Bjarke Ingels, a very current and popular architect to design the project.

Mr Cymbal said the rental units would be priced between $1100 and $2000 dollars a month, what he called affordable luxury…. “even somebody making $35,000 a year could afford”.

Really? Maybe if they don’t have any other bills… From an article in the WSJ, “He envisions it as a “cool, hip environment” that will draw young professionals with its affordable rents, eateries and a public plaza.”

But there is nothing cool and hip about cutting down a majestic old tree. Regardless of who the developer and the architect are.

Does Fort Lauderdale really need more “stuff” on the New River? Twenty years from now, wouldn’t it be nice for people to experience the river in a more natural state? We need to preserve a few natural settings, don’t we?

PS: The developer says the tree can be re-located and got a tree expert from Fairchild in Miami to agree with him. However the tree has friends in high places too, who say the tree can not be successfully relocated.


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