Save The Briger Forest

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This petition is a request that Palm Beach County revisit turning the Briger Tract (Briger Forest) into a preserve and deny the Scripps Phase II/Briger Project.  With this action the Briger Forest can maintain it’s equestrian use, be open to hikers, the general public and university students for environmental research purposes and maintain its value as a critical habitat in Palm Beach County.

The Briger Forest is 682 Acres of predominantly Pine Flatwoods and wetlands. Pine Flatwoods are a type of habitat that is targeted by developers due to how easily it can be cleared and built on.  The Briger Forest is home and suitable habitat to over 13 state and federally listed plant and animal species. It is the largest tract of undeveloped and unprotected land in the Eastern Corridor of I-95 in South Florida. The Briger Forest provides pollution buffers to the communities surrounding it, provides a carbon sequestration pocket, and is within a Core Foraging Area of a Wood Stork rookery.

We demand that Briger does not get paved over and turned into needless strip malls, unnecessary housing and research labs where animals ranging from flies to primates will be tested on and tortured. We want to encourage and maintain biodiversity over biotechnology in South Florida. Deny Scripps phase II & save the Briger Forest!

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The South Florida Green News will be Returning in January 2017

In light of the recent US Presidential elections, the timing felt right to get back in gear here at the South Florida Green News. Did you notice how environmental issues were never discussed during the Presidential debates?

The South Florida Green News will be reporting on local environmental news stories and doing our best to keep you up to date.

Check back around the 15 of January and until then Happy New Year.



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8 Q’s & A’s for South Florida

“MEET THE LOCALS” introduces us to the local, dedicated & inspiring people out there working in some capacity for our planet.

We ask each interviewee 8 questions. The first 5 we questions we ask all interviewee’s, and then we pose an additional three question’s that they chose from a list we provide. In FEBUARY 2014 its Gabriele Marewski.


Gabriele Marewski,  is the former owner of the acclaimed Paradise Farms, an organic farm in Homestead that also incorporates some biodynamic principles into their practices. She is pictured here on the left with her friend Hani Khouri.

1)       What is your website/project or is there one you would like to recommend?

2)       What environmental policies would you like to see Florida adapt tomorrow?

Promoting organic: it would cut down on pollution and certainly make our land and people healthier.

3)       What green policy have you seen adapted in a place outside of Florida that you liked?

Countries that have banned plastic bags!

4)       Favorite beach or outdoor spot in Florida?

Blowing Rocks on Jupiter Island.

5)       Please finish the following sentence “I Love the Ocean because_____”

…it is so healing and relaxing. I love soaking in the ocean early evening to watch natures’ performance art: sun setting and moon rising.

6)       Biggest change you have made in your life to lessen your carbon footprint?

Becoming vegetarian over 40 years ago! Meat production is the single biggest cause of pollution on our planet!

7)       Book or Film you like to recommend OR What are you reading now?

Recent movies: Blackfish, The Way.

Books: I read everything I can find by people who are walking or bicycling long distances.

8)       Favorite way to reuse something?   (i.e like a glass jar to use as Tupperware or give gifts in like candies or homemade vinaigrette etc, cereal box as a mailer, etc)

Composting: food scraps, weeds, etc. come back as great soil for planting.

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In response to a writer at the Sun Sentinel

A writer at the Sun-Sentinel wrote a pro, Port Everglades waterways expansion blurb in the paper.

Here is my emailed response to her. Not the most eloquent! But, atleast it is some input and was CC’d to some local politicians also.

Dear Doreen,

Regarding your blurb on Feb 5, 2014 in the Sun-Sentinel – “Port productivity: Handling freight more efficiently” I wanted to say that you present such consistent “point of view” reporting and such a pro-business – at what ever the cost – sort of reporting, that I feel like you are stuck in another time and place and simply not current with what is going on.

CBS News for instance recently reported that we are on track to have a “fishless” ocean. For your information, saving natural reef is one way to make sure that doesn’t happen. It maybe the biggest way. Yet you make it sound like Port Everglades is backwards and behind the times. Let’s just hope local politicians for once do the right thing? After the Biscayne Bay Dredge, which was illegal, it is hard to tell.

Yachtsman, and long distance sailor Ivan Macfayden, accounts for us that from his up close and personal viewpoint, the ocean is “broken”.
So what is more “productive ” at this point Doreen? Old business models are just that – old, outdated and unsustainable. We need to save our oceans. Do you know that the ocean makes 70% of our oxygen- and has been producing less oxygen over the past ten years? We need healthy oceans, not more crap from the Peoples Republic of China. These days that is the sort or reporting I will be looking for.
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Biodynamic Farming 101

Popular in Europe, especially Germany, and catching on other places, Biodynamic farming is an interesting science. Complex and precise, it is beyond organic and is a practice for farmers who are really in touch with their surroundings. Here from Wikipedia: “Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming originally developed by Rudolf Steiner that employs […]

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MEDITATION: Yep, You May Like it

Just felt like talking about meditation. “I like it, I like it, Yes I do!” (name that song) Why does a discussion about meditation belong on a environmental blog? Let me count the way’s. 1. If you’re not hearing what’s going on with the planet, chances are your life is too busy. Meditation will help you slow […]

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